Abandoning the 9 to 5

At the end of April 2015 I left the office and never returned, after 36 years. I didn’t walk out after a total meltdown that saw me hurling my computer whilst yelling abuse at the boss. No, this was a planned and eagerly awaited redundancy/early retirement situation with the intention of living a more creative, and less stressful, life. At work I was expected to plan things.  I was known for my lists, timelines and Gantt charts, my way with spreadsheets was legendary. I thought this was part of my nature, an intrinsic facet of my personality.  I thought I’d draw up a business plan for my adventures in art and within a specified period of time would have achieved my goals. Tick.  I was wrong. It turns out I’m very happy to bumble along without a plan, to get up each day and think “what do I feel like doing today?”, then doing it!

So, over the last year and a half I’ve painted, lots. I’ve developed  an obsession for printmaking, I’ve decorated parts of the house, upcycled some furniture, knitted, sewed, made things with clay, gardened, walked, taken photographs, learnt how to make cyanotype prints, painted some more and drunk lots and lots and lots of coffee with various friends, not to mention eaten the odd scone or two! So after a year and a bit of being blown by the wind, living a life without aim or objective, I’ve decided it’s time to get serious. I have made plans. I’m ready to take the next step so here I go. 2017 is going to be the year I launch myself as a “proper artist”, more accurately as a painter and printmaker – but, just to be clear, a “proper” one. Follow this blog to join me on an adventure of creative discovery and development, continuing my arty life but now with purpose. Let’s hope it doesn’t end with me hurling my easel whilst yelling abuse at an innocent onlooker.