A year of cancellations!

It’s been a strange year! I was scheduled for surgery at the beginning of the year but it kept getting cancelled (three times over 4 months).  This meant that , apart from the stress of mentally and physically preparing for it each time, I had to keep cancelling exhibition and art fair arrangements.  The biggest disappointment was the decision to pull out of  the Alnmouth Art Fair in June – always my favourite and I was lucky enough to be accepted again this year – fingers crossed for next! So each time I cancelled an arrangement by the time surgery was cancelled ( just the day before on one occassion) it was too late to then prepare and re book the fair or exhibition. It has been extremely frustrating!

Amongst all this angst I was able to move in to a new studio – which I love! But I was only in it a matter of weeks before the surgery went ahead!  I am recovering nicely and hope to be back at work during October so I can start to prepare for my Christmas Fairs.  It will be good to be back!