I’m back! After a difficult (and painful!) year I’m on the road to recovery and this week achieved a goal – to get back in to my studio and start creating again. This was partly driven by desire and partly by blind panic. I’ve signed up for a number of Christmas fairs and exhibitions and haven’t, yet, made nearly enough! So I’ve spent a few hours over three days making Christmas cards and testing out a couple of new prints (on my new-to-me Rollaco printing press).  I really feel like I’m back but still have to be careful (of my back) and not do anything stupid and set my self back!! Enough of backs for now!

This week one of my paintings appeared in the October 2nd edition of Country Life, where Fiona Reynolds talks about her walk in the Cheviots.  My painting “A walk in the Cheviots” seemed fitting. The article is sad as it was a trip to scatter her sister’s ashes but she says lovely things about the area and its nice to see my work in an international magazine.

Followers of my Facebook page (Facebook/LindseyCooperArt) will know that in June I moved in to a lovely top floor studio above the Sarah Loveland Photography Gallery on Battle Hill in Hexham.  I want to show it off so I’m having an open studio event on the 14th December to coincide with the Hexham Christmas Fair.  Sarah is also opening her studio so there’ll be lots to see. Save the date and come and chat to us about what we do and why we do it (and you can marvel at my new-to-me Rollaco printing press – or is that just a bit too geeky?)

And finally…

Terry of TWDA, who designed my website and answers my stupid questions as though they’re not stupid at all, called to see me with his lovely wife Sarah.  They were collecting a painting I’d done for them and, I’m relieved to say, loved it and apparently spent a happy hour wandering around their house trying to decide where to put it!

So all in all, I’ve had a busy and exciting week – its great to be back!